Thursday, September 1, 2011

What is your mental age?

Today is obviously not a day for writing, since my daughter asked me to write an article about a definition of 'mental age' .. but I can't get into it .. for the child in me wants to chill out and play silly games instead. LOL But I'll give you a brief description, and let you take it from there ...

How does one define the mental age of a person? Defining the physical age is easy enough, most people measure it year by year, although I'm told the asian countries count a child as one year old when it is born, while western countries count it as one, one year after it is born.

What then is 'mental age'? Surely a person has the same mental age as their years since birth .. but no, many of them don't - just look at their behaviour, if nothing else. It all seems to come down to emotional maturity? Just how old is that person you are having that discussion with? Not how intelligent, (e.g. a gifted child of six can have a mental (coping) age of only three years, and many of the world's most brilliant scientists and great thinkers could not cope in social situations and would have temper tantrums), but how do they cope with life's challenges, and when people question their opinions or judgments? Or are you the one who might need to 'grow up' and deal with life differently? I know I have my moments. :-)

Oh dear, sometimes I can be incredibly 'childish'. It's ok to be child-like, but to call someone childish is an insult .. or a fact. So our mental age seems to be defined by our emotional maturity, but what does that mean?

Here is a good definition of emotional maturity -

And here's a bit of fun to see how 'old' you are?

I am quite old it seems LOL

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  1. Would have been interesting if they gave an actual age, but I guess 80% will have to do.

    Hmm, do you think that counts as:
    12. He is not given to boasting or "showing off" in socially unacceptable ways.

  2. I don't know, Arch. I guess it depends on how we fit within the criteria of the other points.

    Love & Peace