Saturday, February 20, 2010

I do wish that I was wise

If I was wise I would know the right thing to say in the right situations without wondering if they were 'right', without having to double-guess myself. When you work with Spirit you don't automatically become wise, you still have to work on it, on a day to day basis. And the lessons can hurt, because your ego is very much involved in your everyday life - and when you want to become a good person, free of fears and phobias, you have to face those fears and learn their source, and let them go. And letting go can be one of the hardest things you ever do - for often the foundation of your life, of who you believe you are, is based on those fears.

Spirit asks me, from time to time, who do you become?

Who do you become? Who am I becoming with my choices and beliefs and attitudes? Where is God/Spirit in the process? The Christians say 'what would Jesus do?' in any given situation, or they are supposed to? What do the new agers say? What do I say, perched, as I am, between the two?

What would 'love' do? What would a loving person do .. in any situation? How do I react from Love, even when I want to react from anger? What do I learn in the process?

If I was wise I would know the perfect answer to these questions. But as I am a growing being, I am still learning, them, and many more.

So my question to myself is always 'who do you become'?

Love & Light