Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Serpentine Wall

Very early this morning I woke with this vision.

A man and I were standing at the edge of a lake in a gap between two walls. The gap was probably 30 feet wide. The lake was at the bottom of a steep hill, with the first wall running along the base of the hill, higher than both our heads, away from me into the distance. It undulated across the bottom of the hill. It was made of red bricks. It did not look very strong but I knew it was, or had been. The other wall went away to my right. I could not see the end of either, I think. The level of the water was very low, far lower than the base of the wall, and the water was very still. Thinking about it afterwards I realised that the height of the 'man-made' wall was the height of faith in the past, where the marks of the water showed where it had lapped at the top. Every brick was made by faith, and the colour, the red, represented both strength and the blood of people who had died for their beliefs.

I asked the man what he was showing me and he answered

“We protect the faithfull”.

We protect the faithful? I thought about it, and then realised he meant faith-filled. Faith is a choice and an emotion, symbolized by the water in the lake .. which was very low. How do we fill the lake of our faith? What do we have to do to restore God/Spirit to its place of glory in our lives? We have lost the thread, the plot, if you like. We have lost God in the man-made religions we have created to satisfy our ego, and fill in the gaps in our lives – or worse, we have thrown God away because it does not do what we want when we want it, ‘fulfilling’ our wishes.

While I was thinking this through I saw more of the vision. There were floating entities, like balloons, over the lake. They dipped to the water, filled themselves full – and vanished. The positive energy of the lake that they were so drawn to eliminated them. They were negative thought forms that humans create every day. They are drawn to human energy, the energy of faith in the ‘lake’. It was a lovely scene until I realised that they were actually draining more from the lake and giving nothing in return.

We take from God/Spirit every day in every way because we are created from the energy of God and we often give nothing in return for the bounty. Not even a thank you.

What do you do for others that you are also doing for God?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Is God a Potato?

Ok, so its a strange question. It actually arose from a conversation Tom and I were having about dinner. I was suggesting we abandon carbs for a week or two and he decided that he actually worships potatoes. Please somebody do not take it seriously, but it did bring some interesting thoughts to mind.

Think of a potato.

It is covered in eyes - hence can see everywhere.

It grows in the dirt that we smother it with ... hmm ... so do mushrooms and you know the old joke about them. Let's face it, we feed God 'fertilizer' every time we deny or break the rule, you know, the simple one - love one another. The one the preacher, minister, angels, archangels, ascended masters etc etc remind us about. Now who is the potato?

We bury our heads (potatoes have small 'heads' on them when they are sprouting) in the same dirt we are dumping on God and other people through our lack of trust and sad attitudes. At least God the potato is springing new growth from His? What are we doing?

Back to God the potato - it provides nourishment .. physical in the potato aspect, and spiritual in the Other, regardless of how we treat it. How many people have found potatoes growing out of their rubbish pits?

And then there is the old understanding - that everything is God and created by God and of God, so yes, of course God is a potato.

Hmm... something to think about.