Friday, June 12, 2009

I love you

There was a book I read a few years ago, a part of which surprised me very much. It was only one chapter. the title was 'what God wants from you', or something like that. What God wants. The pages of the chapter were totally blank, and as I looked through each wondering at the 'revelation' I realised just how wrong the totally blank pages were .. to me they said 'God wants nothing from me' .. but that is not true. Even if God truly does only observe humanity and not interfere, God loves us .. loves us profoundly .. loves us deeply .. and allows us to 'be' all the small nasty people we can be, all the great and glorious we are equally capable of being. And asks only one thing 'Love as I Love you'.

God loves unconditionally - 'he' proves that every day. He gave us free will, that means that we can ignore him, invoke him, scream at him, lie to him, pretend he doesn't exist .. even when we then ask a friend to 'pray for us' so that we can achieve our dreams, rant at him, rage at him, worship him, beg for things, ask for things, kill ourselves and each other, ruin our environment, kill all his other creations, ignore his good works and the people trying to achieve them - regardless of our behaviour; what else can I add to the this? I'm sure you can think of a few things.

And if you look in your heart and soul you will find his message there ..

"Love child, be simply love, child,
Be what you will be,
what you are, child .. simply Love Child,
Know your true nature,
God in creation, part of the whole self,
Part of the truth, child,
Be simply Love,
Child ..."

Song of Creation .. sung for the children of 'man' (humanity).