Saturday, September 10, 2011

How can blackmail be part of a spiritual group?

The other day my daughter and I went to visit a training group for mediums here in the hills around Melbourne. I had met the trainer through the local spiritualist church, where s/he had done a very good 'reading' for me .. or talked to a 'spirit' that was supposed to be 'with' me, and 'had been for some time'. Given that I can see ghosts and spirits just fine, I was slightly bemused at this new one, but thought I might possibly know who the lady was .. and I do love being told I am intelligent (so said the lady). Well, I wondered if this person's group might be an interesting place to learn new skills from, and suggested to my daughter she might like to check them out as well. I have since apologised to her.

So up the hill we drove, and parked, and went inside, to be greeted with friendly smiles by the two people there. One was the trainer, the other one of her/his students. I'd seen the student at the church on sunday as well. We gave our first names .. and then the comments started .. not questions like 'who are you and what do you do?', no, my first was 'what is your history with spiritism' or 'spiritual churches'? Well, my history is brief, since I've only been to a few, so I explained them, and then the trainer demanded to know how hard s/he could 'push me'? S/he'd put me "on the stage straight away" to do a reading. Push me? Being me I said 'as hard as you like', but as I wasn't signing on as part of his/her team I thought the question inappropriate for newcomer to a group, but I said 'no' to the stage performance - I had only come to observe .. and the conversation got lost in the arrival of a few more people. Sitting down there were about 15 of us, in rows of 5 or so chairs facing the podium in a very small, stuffy, room.

It was not going to be the usual 'chairs in a circle' this week, I guessed from a comment, it was because we had so many people. No, it was two 'readers' on the stage and the rest of us watching. And the readers were picked from the 'audience' and went up quite willingly, because they were not new to the group.

I won't comment on the readings because its not appropriate to the problem .. that came later .. so let's skip to after lunch.

After daughter and I came back from the local 7/11, munching on the way, we wandered back inside and I slipped away to the lady's room. When I returned a few minutes later, my daughter was sitting on a chair with her back to the corner of the room, with the trainer sitting in front of her, effectively boxing her in. Let's shorten 15 minutes of haranging, and only say s/he was demanding that she join his\her group .. because s/he was the only person to train her for her/his ARMY of mediums. Army? Yes, it seems we will need an army of mediums in the future, to rejoin everyone to Spirit. The problems really only started when she said 'no' .. up until then it had only been mild nagging, then it turned into stronger nagging, then it turned into emotional blackmail .. she HAD to do it her/his way for the future of humanity.

My daughter is a very old, very wise, soul even in her mid twenties .. and she recognises emotional blackmail for what it is, and calls it as she sees it. She explained to older person (late sixties) that s/he was coming from a place of ego (the person then tried to define why ego was important in ways that left both of us very puzzled - seems you divide it into 4 parts, but were are only 3 bits of it explained, 2 of which were the same, and there's a vacancy for the 4th??). The trainer didn't like being told what to do by a 'child', or what s/he was doing, and had proved a number of times over the conversation, that s/he certainly wasn't listening to one word my daughter, and then me, when I joined in the conversation about half way through after listening from one side, was saying .. no, the trainer had expected me to support him/her .. not a chance in hell .. I don't like bullies, and s/he was being a bully.

And so lunch ended and the group was being called back together for the second half of the gathering, by a bell being rung. Bells are good for energy of a site, I use them myself, to dispel negativity .. good idea in this case. And daughter and I left. We shall not be returning.

When I had rung up and asked questions of that group I had been told the leader 'did things differently'. The person I spoke to was right, s/he was definitely different. I don't believe that blackmail and bullying is a good way to gather members of the group - nor is feeding the egos of people who obviously are not good readers .. going by other members of her/his group that I have seen in the spiritual churches I have visited. You either 'can' do this work, or you 'can't', and no amount of hit and miss proves that the dead can still speak to us. Guess work is guess work by any estimation.

Perhaps some people need to be bullied into the work? But not us. We are already among the called.

Love & Peace

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