Monday, May 9, 2011


There's a large part of me that does not like conflict in any way, and would rather walk out of a difficult situation, rather than hanging around, stating my case, and making it worse .. which is what would have happened if I had not left the building early on Saturday afternoon just recently.

Where were we .. we, being myself, my grown daughter and a couple who are good friends. We decided to go to a Trance Channelling session at one of the spiritualist groups here in Melbourne. My previous experience with this has been varied. One session I went to, many years ago, was incredibly beautiful. Quan Yin came through the lady channeller and gave many people in the room relevant messages, clear information and help. If I had been braver, and owned up to thinking I might be the Quill Pen she was asking for, I might have had a message too, but it was long before I knew my role in this lifetime, and I was not sure .. so I booked a reading with channeller afterwards, but the only person who 'came through' then was a lost soul (yes, I could recognise them even then) from the very recent Turkish earthquake who demanded I 'rewrite the Koran', something I know (and knew) next to nothing about, so there was no way I was going to follow those orders.

Another session was completely different. I invited myself to it out of curiousity. I think it must have been the first time I would see a channeller at work. So I asked nicely, through a friend of the channeller, and the lady seemed quite happy for me to join her small, select, group .. until I got there and was seated. You see, I made a mistake. I told the 'entity' beforehand that if it wasn't in the Light I would know and kick its ass into healing. So when the channelling lady saw me she looked uncomfortable, checked with her 'guide' and informed the group that the 'unbeliever' had to leave or the 'guide' would not be appearing that afternoon. Hmm.. me being the only newcomer in the room, you can guess whom everyone looked at .. and so I got up and left. Later I checked and it seemed the 'guide' didn't appear that afternoon anyway .. right. It was of the White Feather, or Yellow Eagle .. or something american indian variety, and I had gone in with an open mind and no desire to cause trouble ...

... which is the same state of mind I was in when daughter and I rocked up in the city to sit in with this lady, who, by a quick search on the internet, seemed very busy among the various spiritual churches, but had no webpages to tell us about her. No problem. We are not all computer literate.

So the four of us gathered downstairs, got told we could go upstairs 'now' and went up and were the first people there. I admit the energy of the space was not particularly nice, which affected the lady in the 'couple' more than it did me. I have walked into nastier energy and tend to ignore it until I feel like something has to be done. Well, once it was mentioned I cleared the building, and cleared it again. Accumulated negativity occasionally takes some work .. and it felt ok to me afterwards - so I made sure my friends and daughter were shielded as other people came into the room. It was set up for about 30 and in the end there were perhaps 12 of us?

I will cut a long story short and just tell you the puzzling bits. The lady channeller came into the room, walking straight through where we were (nearly all, 3 or 4 came late) sitting. She did not introduce herself, just sat in her chair facing us with her eyes closed (didn't even look around the room) and starting doing some deep breathing and twitching, which I assumed was her way of preparing to go into a trance. Eventually a very soft voice came through, again not introducing itself, and it then told us, to raise the vibrations in the room it was going to give us a brief talk .. all the time getting louder and louder. In the end the channeller was straining her throat and coughing repeatedly, without being allowed to drink water, which was in a glass beside her, because it might disrupt the energy of the entity???? Hmmm??? Whatever - having channelled Gabriel (archangel) and a few other entities myself, drinking water was never a problem, but .. each to their own way of doing things.

So who was this strange creature and what was the message - basically it was convoluted, confusing, non-sensical and some of it was completely untrue. Now that's being blunt. After a talk that went around in circles, up mountains and down valleys, without actually getting to any point, she then said we could ask questions .. but only if we 'talked very quietly' (said the man running the show). The problem was that the lady channeller was obviously deaf and misunderstood the questions .. but hang on now .. wasn't it the entity answering the questions, and where exactly was it, that it couldn't clearly hear what was being said .. or for that matter, SEE anyone in the room. It proved that by asking twice if one questioner had understood the answer (she nodded .. it had been her third attempt to get a straight answer to a simple question, and she just finally gave up completely). Well, the entity asked if she understand, again, and the man running the show answered that the lady had nodded .... and we moved on.

Before that another lady, desperate for an answer, got some convoluted nonsense as an answer and left in disgust. I am kicking myself over that one, because I should have gone after her. I knew the answer she was looking for, but by the time I abandoned the channeller and went downstairs for a break she had left. I am sorry.

My daughter asked a question (which I had given her, based on something the entity had said) and was given an answer that was only vaguely related to the question itself. She had to ask it three times in a row, before the channeller appeared to 'hear' it. 'What happens after you die?' .. the answer told us what happens to the body before you die, but non-specifically - and that the silver cord snaps. I did a quick search on the internet, knowing full well that the cord 'dissolves', and yes, it seems some people do believe it snaps. That's one heck of a jerk in a very gentle experience. It can snap due to accidents, not suicide, but it throws the spirit into shock and they can often end up as lost souls because of it .. so why was the entity teaching something like that .. it seems it had a big issue with suicide - that was what the original lecture had been about .. don't commit suicide. I couldn't agree more, such a waste of a lifetime, but please, next time, don't try and explain things in such a complicated manner.

Somewhere, just before I went downstairs, the man suggested to the entity that everyone needed a break, and everyone in the room decided they did too (we all shuffled and got ready to get up) .. only the entity was having too much fun and refused to co-operate .. so I admit to going downstairs, where I promptly lost my temper, made a few polite comments to the staff waiting to make coffee etc for everyone, and then I went back upstairs, waited until my friend had got her answer, and then begged the entity to allow everyone to have a break. I used my almost recent operation as an excuse, flattered the 'spirit', saying I would love to hear more, and finally it agreed to give up the channelling and let us all go.

I know what I have forgotten. Early in the middle of all those strange statements, half truths and such-like the entity said, and/or inferred, that it wasn't human and had never been human. It had never lived on planet earth .. it then contradicted itself at the end and inferred it was human. At the beginning it spoke of everyone being individuals, in spirit .. and then, when asked 'who it was' by a young lady at the very end, told us that when you are in-spirit you are 'all one' and so it didn't matter who the entity was because it wasn't that anymore, inferring that it had had human lifetimes. And yet, it had never been human, nor lived on earth?

What is wrong with this scenario.

1) the entity (I refuse to call it a spirit) had no respect for the lady channeller, forcing her throat to overwork and causing her to cough a number of times before she told it back off a bit
2) it refused to say who it was, or even who it 'had been' (when I asked it after the other lady)
3) it had never been human, then contradicted that and inferred it had had human live times
4) the information it gave was confusing, contradictory, convoluted and complicated .. Spirit works on the KISS principle when it teaches .. keep it simple, silly.
5) it never answered a straight question with a straight answer .. why use 4000 words when 3 would do
6) it appeared not to be able to hear what people were saying, even though we were told to be quiet to not disrupt the energy of the channeller's connection
7) it could not see anyone in the room .. the channeller's eyes were closed, but if it was actually in the room with us it would have been able to see everyone .. unless it was, of course, blind .. but blindness is a human condition, not a spiritual one.

So who was the entity? I have my suspicions, having seen the same dark blue aura around another spiritualist lady channelling in her church not far from my house. She also talked this base-level, convoluted nonsense that says nothing in a great big circle. At the very least it was a very young soul who enjoyed the audience's energy, as it was busy draining us dry, or trying to, and thrived on the sound of its own voice.

I would be interested in other people's experiences with trance mediums. I intend to start investigating all the spiritual churces I can reach easily around here .. and there are lots. I want to know the level of their teaching. I would think, in a 'society' that has been around since the 1800's, they would be way past the 101 (first class, first day, of a university course) level of our learning. It's not hard to step up. You just have to be prepared to learn to love and forgive.

Love & Peace,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello again

Hello everyone,

(if you read both my blog sites you might be having a deja vu moment .. this is the same post for today as the Sacred Gates site .. so ... no need to read it again.)

It seems rather appropriate to say hello again, after being away so long .. and where have I been? I've been on a long and complicated journey through bowel cancer and kidney stones .. they happened within 2 weeks of each other, so that I couldn't separate the pain of the operation for the 'removal of the site of the polyp - just in case' from the stones that were stirred up by filling me to bloating point with saline (some 6 bags full), which some bright spark decided would be a good idea a couple of days after the operation.

We shall draw a veil over the first hospital experience, and instead commend the nurses, and doctors, at the second hospital called Casey, where I was admitted for the procedure to remove the kidney stones .. all 8 of the stones were 'made of a substance we do not recognise, so we've sent them away for testing'. They've never told me what they were, but right now I don't care. I am just very relieved the whole experience is over and I am well on the mend, to the point of gardening again, and carrying clothes baskets down to the line to hang the washing out.

So hello! I've learned a lot about myself since the couple of weeks before the operation on the 3rd March. I've learned some good things, and some not so good. I've learned what I fear, not cancer, not death or dying, no, my strongest fear was that the pain would never stop. Hmm .. turns out I'm a bit of a control freak .. an undercover one. LOL I chose one heck of a way to learn it for certain. I am laughing at myself now.

Hello, hello .. the radio is back on. And I'm back at 'work', in a spiritual sense. Seems I'm going to be starting a 'church' .. well, a something anyway. The word church is synonymous with people running away in fright. I want them to run towards God/Spirit, not away. The Love is there. We only have to reach out and touch it ...

Love & Joy,