Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fundamentalist Christians

Let me be quite specific ..

I have no issue with what you as a person believe. I only make it an issue when you are rude to me, inform me I am wrong for broad reasons, and from badly translated copies of your personal Bible.

Don't tell me I am going to hell just because I argue with your interpretation of the Bible. If you want to have a discussion, be prepared to state Chapter and Verse, because I'll be checking it up, taking it back to the original languages, and questioning 'why' you think what you do. And I would expect you to do the same to me (but you don't?) So think it through!

And don't come onto a site where I am talking paranormal subjects with other people, and butt in and expect a friendly welcome. We have heard it ALL before, and most of us don't need to hear it ever again. And let me remind you, your Bible says you should not associate with people like me - so what are you doing on a site that defies the teachings of your Bible? We are not looking for missionaries. We do not need to be saved, and often, some of the people with me there do not even WANT to be saved .. by the God who hates instead of loving, who judges and torments, and finds us all wanting.

In that case I would have to question your judgment. Why love a being you fear? Isn't that what hostages come to do to their captors, and don't we see it as a mental illness, something they have to be cured of?

I am not the cure. I make no claim to knowing everything, or anything, about God, but I speak from my experiences, from the knowledge I have gained over the years through my readings in the theological field, anthropology, mythology, christianity and metaphysics.

You will not convert me to your way of thinking by throwing the Bible at me. For one, respect your books! For another, I will pick it up and throw it right back at you! And if you can't catch .. duck! LOL

And we love you .. says a quiet voice in my head. God loves you, all of you, so much. How could you possibly doubt that? Only 144,000 people are supposed to be able to go to heaven. Are we all so sinful that there are only 144,000 good people on the planet right now? Or was it the number of recognised Christians at the time the Revelation was written? What does logic say? I am frightened to think that there could be so few.

Love & Peace