Thursday, March 11, 2010

Excuse me while I blow off a little steam.

One of the puzzles of my life is why people will go to clairvoyants, and/or tarot readers, for readings when they don't want to hear what the person has to say. Oh, I am not talking about you personally, I know you won't argue with me when I say something you don't want to hear. You won't explain to me how I am wrong about so-and-so whom you are madly in love with - because she, or he, is wonderful and truthful, and only lies to other people. Hmm.. no, no, you will hang on my every word, and trust everything I say .. and I will be wondering exactly what it is you think I said, because obviously you are not listening to any of it.

Ok, so I am ranting. I love doing readings for people. I love watching their lives falling into those patterns that they have been creating for themselves, over such a long time. I love seeing them heal from old fears and new ones. I love watching them change their minds, their tunes, and their attitudes. It is one of life's pleasures when people get back to me and say 'it happened .. it really happened'. Yes, it happened, angel, just the way you wanted it to. Or didn't want it to, some of the time.

The future is open to interpretation, just as we reinterpret the past to fit how we want to feel about ourselves. The future appears, for me, in a series of stepping stones based on the choices we make today. Each step can lead to many different possibilities, none of them absolutely fixed. We can choose to change, our hearts, our minds, our thoughts, our feelings, and in doing so change our lives.

So when you say to me "oh no, you are wrong, its not like that at all", you are already changing your future away from what you asked me to review for you. Why do you come to me if you only want me to tell you what you want to hear? Why don't you just go back to daydreaming, or fantasizing? Yes, with our thoughts we do make things happen, but only for ourselves. If you are trying to make someone else do what you want, or be what you want, it is their choices involved, not yours. You can dream the person in your head, but if they are living already they will not fill the shoes you want them to wear. I know this from experience, I've been heart-broken too.

Why do people come to us for readings - because they are doubting their own inner instincts and want to be told that those instincts (that say this is not a wise choice) are wrong. It is about trusting yourself. It is so easy to place responsibility for your actions on others, to not pick up the mantle of 'trust' and wear it .. because sometimes it can be heavy, and sometimes it can hurt. If I say something will happen, in the way you seem to want me to, then you can be mad at me when it doesn't work out, rather than blaming yourself for not trusting your first instincts that said 'don't go there', 'don't do that', 'you know it is not true'.

I am sorry you are hurt because of what I told you. I am also sorry, in a way, that I cannot tell you only what you want to hear. I have my ethics too. I will tell you the future as I see it, and you will continue to argue - for you want things to be the way you want them. Well, if you want that so much why do you not trust yourself and not waste your time with me?

Follow your heart, and trust your instincts .. that inner feeling is your guides and angels talking to you .. saying 'we love you no matter what'. If we all did that then we would all be clairvoyant .. and know the truth of the song of our hearts.

Love & Light

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I do wish that I was wise

If I was wise I would know the right thing to say in the right situations without wondering if they were 'right', without having to double-guess myself. When you work with Spirit you don't automatically become wise, you still have to work on it, on a day to day basis. And the lessons can hurt, because your ego is very much involved in your everyday life - and when you want to become a good person, free of fears and phobias, you have to face those fears and learn their source, and let them go. And letting go can be one of the hardest things you ever do - for often the foundation of your life, of who you believe you are, is based on those fears.

Spirit asks me, from time to time, who do you become?

Who do you become? Who am I becoming with my choices and beliefs and attitudes? Where is God/Spirit in the process? The Christians say 'what would Jesus do?' in any given situation, or they are supposed to? What do the new agers say? What do I say, perched, as I am, between the two?

What would 'love' do? What would a loving person do .. in any situation? How do I react from Love, even when I want to react from anger? What do I learn in the process?

If I was wise I would know the perfect answer to these questions. But as I am a growing being, I am still learning, them, and many more.

So my question to myself is always 'who do you become'?

Love & Light