Friday, May 15, 2009


Words, and their power, should never be underestimated.

God and I in space alone and nobody else in view.
"And where are the people, O Lord," I said,
"the earth below and the sky o'er head
and the dead whom once I knew?"
"That was a dream," God smiled and said,
"A dream that seemed to be true.
There were no people, living or dead,
there was no earth, and no sky o'er head;
there was only Myself -- in you."


Ella Wheeler Wilcox

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others
than you can by what others say about him.

Leo Aikman

The Last Song

What is the last song you want to be heard singing? The one that expresses the joy in your heart, or the one that sings of your sorrow? I often get 'brain-runners', you know - when the music won't go away, and that same song, or track of thought, goes around and around until you get very tired of it, and are prepared to do pretty much anything to 'change tune'.

Does it really matter if you sing out of tune? You might not do well in a band, but in a choir of like-minded people, you could add a 'happy noise', just as everyone else is doing as they think their daily thoughts, and express their feelings through their own personal music and words. Even a bumble bee makes music that pleases 'Spirit', for it is expressing its true self through the waves of energy that it produces with each movement. And that is what we do - express the waves of our true selves through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

When was the last time you asked for help from 'upstairs' for a problem? Do you do it regularly - or is it the last place you would look for help on any problem? Making it the 'first' place can be a useful solution - you will be amazed with the number of opportunities that come from asking for help.

Now if you are a formal person, you can try a little prayer. You know the type - getting down on your knees and 'begging' for it - but if you want to change the 'tune' a little, how about standing in the sunshine, or the rain, and just directing your thoughts 'upwards' or 'outwards' wherever you think God/Spirit might be. You'll find an aspect of your angels and guides beside you at all times, listening and waiting to help with requests. When you decide to connect to them, to work with them and to ask for help, they leap willingly into every challenge and act with Joy - a little of which will rub off on you, if you allow it.

I was going to write to you about the power of prayer to change our lives, but I think I really should be writing about dancing. Dancing is not that formal stuff we do in ballroom, or the gyrating that our kids get up to. It is the movement we make in our daily lives that leads to all our experiences. We dance, or our energy does, up and down through our chakras, threading in and out through our middles, and weaving patterns in the air that we can 'read' and sense - our auric fields. When these get clogged or cloudy, we feel clogged and cloudy. A little gentle raking (running your fingers down the energy about 3 inches away from your body, back, front, above your head and beneath your feet) can help alleviate the problem, but not remove it entirely, for it is created by our thoughts and emotions, and needs a little more focussed cleaning from time to time. When your energy is clogged, and bogged and you feel down and out, then a more serious healing might be necessary, but a little Reiki once in a while is enough to keep the energy moving.

Why do I talk about Reiki and auras - because they, too, produce their own music, and it is this music that can make your heart dance, and bring Joy back into your step. When you are feeling sick you go to a doctor, and that can be very wise, but it can be equally wise to add a touch of Spiritual Healing to your choices - for it works on the mind, body and Spiritual levels of each person, and that can help, no matter what the problems may be.

Back to dancing, back to music - when was the last time you sang in the shower? When was the last time you imagined that the water was 'washing through you', rather than over you. Use your imagination - allow the water to wash 'through your energy' and lighten the load you carry. Do this each morning and by the end of the week, you might find you feel a little lighter. Take a moment to do this when you wash your hair - it won't take any more time than that normal activity - but choose to do the cleansing daily - you want to feel that full benefit. When you are ready change happens, and you find yourself feeling lighter and brighter. It is really up to you.

Let your last song be the first song of each morning, giving thanks and glory to Spirit for your life, every moment of it.

Love & Light,
Ama Nazra

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the journey with Spirit

It’s the little things that make a huge difference.

When I began this journey with Spirit I was very young and uncertain of myself, and now a little older I think I better understand what they are wanting of me, and I learned that by learning about myself. Today I am making soup, it’s a process of putting together a differing number of ingredients to get the sorts of flavours, the harmony of essence, that you like and are willing to share with others. It is our own personal harmony of essence that we share with each other when we meet daily, in person, on the phone, or on the internet through emails and chat programs. The harmony of our essence is expressed through the human aura, the energy field that surrounds each of us which interacts with every other person we meet. We call how we feel about someone ‘intuition’ and instinct and empathy, or just ‘knowing’ if they are right for us – to be friend or lover, just an acquaintance, or even someone we do not want to meet again. The harmony of the person’s energy can be a factor in the sort of relationship you will develop with them, and develop they do, through physical contact and all levels of communication. It is little things like body language, the sound of the voice, word patterns and vocabulary, and physical characteristics that attract people to each other even before we look at the more metaphysical influences such as past life relationships, and the frequency of their auric field. And why does it matter? Because Spirit asks us to love one another. They do not mean the physical sort of love that demands so much of our time and attention; they mean a commitment from ourselves to every living person to allow them to be whomever they, good or bad, whether they behave in ways we accept or not. They ask that we love unconditionally in a time when war seems to be spreading across the world, no matter how hard we try, or not, to stop it.

What does it mean to love unconditionally? It means to find within ourselves the gift of freedom that was bestowed upon us all at the coming of the Christ energy into the world and
share it with others. The door to our hearts was opened wide and new ways and new wisdom has been flowing in ever since. In connecting to this new wisdom, and accepting the responsibility it brings, we are once again the Children of God we have always been, lost in shadows, now redeemed.

I can hear my friends groaning and saying ‘Ama has gone biblical again’ .. well yes, God and Spirit (Holy Spirit for the more Christian folks) are the same being. We are all being asked for the same commitment, no matter what our belief systems are, no matter which ‘religion’ we follow. Love is the foundation and core of every message we receive from God/Spirit through our own hearts and the words of others. Love is the beginning, the ending and the whole middle of change ... and when you are unhappy change is what you are searching for. Begin with Spirit, for there you are truly Loved! Love one another. Start with yourself. Let your heart be free!